Multiple Instagram Accounts solved with Android Jelly Bean

I searched all over the internet for a solution to having multiple Instagram accounts.  It seemed the only solution out there was to log out of the app and back in as a different user.  Since the Instagram API doesn’t allow for posting pictures, there are no third party apps, so downloading different apps logged into different accounts is not an option.  What I finally found as a solution was Android 4.2 User Switching.  This not only solved my instagram problems, it gave me two fully separate users so I can manage two completely separate sets of Social Media accounts from a single device.  With User Switching you can just add another user account and re-install all the same social media apps to manage as many accounts as you like.  Its the perfect solution for Social Media Marketing companies who need to manage multiple sets of Social Media accounts.

With Android 4.2 installed, go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Users’ from the Interface column.  Click on the ‘ADD USER’ button to create a new account.  To switch between accounts, turn the screen off with a press of the power button, then wake the device with another press of the power button.

Instagram User Settings

The lock screen now shows both of your user accounts at the bottom, simply click the user account you want to use and login.  Each user account can have its own password, so multiple people can share the same tablet.  Each user account is able to install all of its own separate applications.

Just install instagram once on each user account, and you can switch android users to switch between the two logged in instagram accounts.

User Account 1:

Instagram User 1

User Account 2:

Instagram User 2

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